How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?


During the treatment, the hyperbaric chamber is pressurized using 100% oxygen.  As the patient breathes normally, the pressurized oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and carried throughout the body by the circulatory system.  Subsequently, the patient receives up to fifteen times the amount of oxygen when compared to breathing air at sea level.  This pressurized oxygen treatment has many therapeutic benefits, including:

* Greatly increasing the oxygen concentration in all body tissues, even with reduced blood flow

* Improving the healing time of stubborn wounds

* Stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in areas of reduced circulation

* Increasing the efficiency of white blood cells to kill bacteria and aiding in infection control

* Assisting in the treatment of chronic bone infections (osteomyelitis)

* Preserving skin grafts, flaps and other tissues where the circulation is suddenly reduced

* Reducing swelling (edema)

* Reversing damage to tissues exposed to radiation therapy

* Reducing effects from toxic exposure from carbon  monoxide

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